g148 | rumblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’ vs da birds

Mariners 4 | Orioles 10The good news?
THREE doubles (Seager, Jaso, Montero)
THREE home runs! (Saunders, Thames and Jaso)

The bad news?

Starting with the starter…
Hector was absolutely pounded. After 54 pitches and SEVEN runs he was lifted with only ONE out in the 2nd inning. He old nemesis, the 0-2 homer, reared it’s ugly head again (he’s giving up 5 homers on 0-2 counts)

Then the first half of the bullpen…
Capps and Perez combined to give up another THREE runs in their 4.2 innings of work.

The second half BP ~ Kelley and Pryor ~ pitched well, combining for a scoreless THREE innings

Then there was the usually sparkling DEE that was anything but…
only ONE recorded error (Ryan) but it felt like they were missing plays all night long. It’s one thing for a young starter to have a horrible game (even Felix does now and then) but really discouraging to see the defense play like that. Hopefully, it was just a very temporary lapse.

It was especially frustrating to be sitting near fans who, by their comments, clearly were not as invested in the team as I. But, I just didn’t have the energy to explain to them that poor pitching and defense was an anomaly for this team. Now, their comments about the lack of decent batting average … I couldn’t argue with.

tweet from Shannon…

Shannon Drayer (@shannondrayer)

#Mariners will be 1-7 in games after returning home from road trips w/no off day.