g161 | Kuma owns the Halos

Mariners 6 | Angels 1

Well, seems the Halos have Felix’s number but, Kuma has theirs 🙂
Six shutout innings with only six hits and one walk and SEVEN strikeouts

M’s middle of the order faired pretty well vs. Haren…
3-7 (Seager, Jaso, Smoak, Montero, Saunders) went 9/19 with SIX runs and FOUR rbi

Halo’s top of the order, on the other hand…
struck out EIGHT times

A little sloppy on both sides…
FIVE total errors (Halos 3, M’s 2)

The big news prior to the game as it was announced that the Mariners are “moving in the fences” for the 2013 season…

I used to think that it seemed silly to bring in the fences because what might give the Mariners hitters a slight advantage would also give opposing hitters that same advantage and thereby give Mariner pitchers a disadvantage – so, what would be the point? But, I’ve come around because of the way Jack Z and others have explained that it will still be a “pitcher’s park” just a bit more fair. And, if even Felix likes the idea, who am I to question it 😉

Shannon Drayer (@shannondrayer)

“I have no problem. It’s going to help a lot. It’s going to be better. Be happy for the hitters.” Felix on fences. #Mariners

Some other thoughts and facts…

Shannon Drayer | My Northwest.com
Larry Stone | Seattle Times
Greg Johns | MLB.com

Tomorrow, one of the most melancholy days of the year for me ;-(