He loves us, he really loves us!

Felix and Jack with the announcement we’ve all hoped for…

Wow. I was able to catch Felix’s press conference on my iPhone while at work… tissue was needed!

The word that comes to my mind is ….

not a false bone in his body nor a fake emotion in his heart

How awesome is it to know that The King will be anchoring the M’s rotation for the foreseeable future?

Long live the #KingOfSeattle

Felix has steadfastly maintained he wants to stay with the one who brung him. His last contract reinforced that with brick and mortar and this new one  will do so with tempered steel. He wants to play for the team he adores, live in the city he and his family love and be paid what he is worth.

The Mariners (Jack Z, specifically) have steadfastly maintained they were not trading Felix. Again the analogies from brick and mortar to tempered steel fit. JZ and the M’s know what they have in this uber-talented, high-character, still young ACE who they have now rewarded for all he has provided in the past and given him security for the future. They want to improve their own lot by building around this face of the franchise while protecting their investment as much as possible.

By all accounts, each wanted the same things: value and security. Each did their due diligence to ensure the conditions were met. Here’s to the continuation of a great relationship that will someday culminate in the ultimate reward for each, making all the sacrifices (Felix’s loyalty and the M’s money) well worth every minute and every penny.

Podcast here of a great, further enlightening, interview KJR’s Softy had with Felix’s agent Scott Pucnio