g1 | watching the game in OakTown from The Safe = awesome!

So the Mariners did this REALLY COOL thing….
Since there were SO many changes to our “summer home” over the winter, they decided to have an Open House on Opening Day! Free parking, free admission and the freedom to roam all over the field and check everything out prior to the home opener, while our boys were down in Oakland on Opening Day!

I'm home!!!

I’m home!!!

The field was roped off, of course but, fans could walk all around the warning track to inspect the new dimensions (and, some even sat in the dugout!)

I decided I would check out the new restaurant, Edgar’s Cantina, for several reasons: it was located where the most significant “fence movement” occurred, it had a great view of the new video board and last but not least, I was in the mood for a margarita (or two!)

Edgar's Cantina ~ new at Safeco Field for 2013

Edgar’s Cantina ~ new at Safeco Field for 2013



The bar at Edgar's Cantina

The bar at Edgar’s Cantina

The hand operated scoreboard was just above us

Of course the main attraction of the night was the new, HUGE video board! Which we were glued to all night as we watched Felix and the guys take on the A’s . . .

First pitch in Oakland

First pitch in Oakland

Fans at the Open House

Fans at the Open House

Jen talking to our "host"

Jen talking to our “host”

It was an awesome evening and the best part was, of course, the VICTORY!

Mariners Win! Mariners Win!

Mariners Win! Mariners Win!

Speaking of the game, here are the particulars . . .

Mariners 2 | Athletics 0

A very Happy Felix Day, it was!
7.2 IP ~ THREE hits ~ ONE walk ~ ZERO earned runs ~ EIGHT strikeouts

Happy Felix Day! | Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Felix got TWO outs in the 8th, then gave up a double and his only walk of the game.

In came Charlie, who walked the only batter he faced. Then Stephen got the last batter to ground out and then The Bartender entered, reminding us about “Closing Time” by preserving the win for Felix and recording his first save of 2013.

Well, the offense wasn’t exactly lighting the baseball world on fire tonight . . .
They only managed FIVE hits (all singles!) but they also walked FOUR times
Thankfully, with Felix pitching, all it took was to string a couple of those hits and walks together (which they did in the 5th)

* Brendan with a stolen base
* no DP’s 😦

Tweet of the game . . .