g4 | not quite the debut we expected . . .

Mariners 2 | Athletics 8

Understandably, Brandon had some jitters in the 1st inning and gave up a single and a homer. Then, he settled down nicely for a few innings and retired the next NINE batters. He got a little off track in the 5th, allowing a double, throwing a wild pitch and then giving up a run on a single. ‘t was the 6th that did him in: double, double, homer, single.

Welcome to the Show, Brandon! | Jason O. Watson, Getty Images

Oliver posted a nice one-two-three in the 7th but, Lucas’s season debut didn’t go so well: single, double, sac-fly, walk, sac-fly for a yield of TWO runs.

* The good news was . . .  the bats had EIGHT hits
* The bad news was . . . the bats had SEVEN singles and posted an OH fer THREE with RISP
* The only extra base hit was yet another homer from Mr. Michael Morse

He did it again! | Ben Margot, AP

* DP = 2 (Andino-Ackley-Smoak with both)
* OF assist (Saunders)

Quote of the game . . .

Maurer is just the 17th Mariners starter to make his Major League debut under the age of 23 as he leapfrogged other higher-rated prospects with an outstanding spring.

“That’s quite an accomplishment,” Shoppach said. “You work your whole life and dream about stuff like that. That might be more important than execution of pitches. We can’t forget this is a game and a dream of ours to get to do every day. The other side of it is, we get better as we go.

“He can do a lot of things. There’s a reason he made this team. He had some tough competition in Spring Training and proved he can pitch. We think he can pitch at this level and he will. He’ll show us all how good he is as the season goes on.” –Kelly Shoppach (Greg Johns | MLB.com)

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