g7 | THREE one-run games, TWO for extra innings, ONE series loss

Mariners 3 | White Sox 4

Kuma had a super efficient – he only needed 89 pitches to get through EIGHT full innings…
FOUR hits ~  ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts ~ THREE runs
Kuma gave up a double and a homer in the 1st that tied the game at TWO and then retired SIXTEEN in-a-row before allowing another homer in the 7th and allowing a single, getting a double-play and a fly out in the 8th

Oliver, Carter and Lucas each recorded an out in the 9th to bring on bonus baseball for the second time in the series (actually, Carter had TWO strikeouts but, one reached base on a wild pitch). In the 10th, Lucas got the first batter to fly out and then came Kameron and Viciedo’s home run that ended the game with a bang for White Sox fans and a thud for M’s fans.

Viciedo launches the walk-off win | Paul Beaty, AP

It was feast of famine on both sides on the South Side today…
all SEVEN runs of the game came via the long ball.

The M&M boys (Morse and Morales) with their ONE homer a piece, combined for all THREE of the M’s runs. Unfortunately, they also combined for FIVE of the M’s ELEVEN strikeouts (Morse with the Golden Sombrero) and the team, once again, posted an OH fer SEVEN w/RISP

Kendrys celebrates his first homer as Mariner | Paul Beaty, AP

* Only ONE double-play today
* No stolen bases (but a good fake by Saunders in the 8th gets the fielders out of sorts so that a near sure DP ball of the bat of Morales squirts through for a hit)
* I was only listening on the radio but, sure seemed like Rick was pretty certain that the WP charged to Kameron in the 8th was really a passed ball by Jesus (said he needed to be ready and block it in the dirt not just throw his glove down)

Splitting the series in OakTown was expected, would have been really nice to take the one in ChiTown. Well, at least they are FINALLY headed home for Opening Night and a nice long home stand . . .
– off day at home

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