g11 | not a good couple days for RF’ers named Michael . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 4

I was among the sea of yellow in Safeco Field’s Supreme Court Night (though there were plenty left in the boxes – a couple thousand – as attendance was just under 23k) who shivered in the cold and weren’t warmed by a win. In a nutshell: Felix was far from his best, there was some really great DEE, some pretty crummy DEE, lots of hitting by the Rangers and not so much from the M’s (unless you’re talking “getting hit” which Michael Morse was and has a broken finger to show for it).

Felix scattered TEN hits that netted a couple of runs in the 2nd and the 5th – he gave up all FOUR Rangers runs. He didn’t get his 100th win career win but, Felix DID record his 15ooth career strikeout in the 1st – congrats, King!

Adrian says, “congrats!” | Elaine Thompson, Seattle PI

The bullpen effort by Oliver and Stephen was admirable:
3.1 innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE  strikeouts

Oh, and I can’t leave out the “first pitcher” ~ none other than Legion of BOOM member, RICHARD SHERMAN!

Sherm’s first pitch | courtesy Seahawks.com

* Good to see a couple of the “strugglers” (Justin and Jesus) check in with a couple hits
* Franklin hit his FOURTH homer (his SECOND lead-off)
* Michael M had a couple of singles but he was also hit in the hand – ended up with a broken pinkie finger ~ no DL but, expected to miss up to a week (NOT what the M’s needed, especially after losing Saunders last night ~ DL stint for a strained right shoulder)

OUCH! | Elaine Thompson, Seattle PI

And then, then there was the suicide squeeze that, unfortunately lived up to its name ~ Brendan’s bunt didn’t go quite far enough or toward 1B base enough and Endy was thrown out at the plate as the Rangers batter made a great play on it.

‘t was sort of a mixed bag . . .
* Raul badly mis-played a ball in LF that resulted in an unearned run for Texas (the first unearned run give up by the M’s so far this season – as the error originally charged to Guti last night was reversed – and rightly so)
* Raul made up for his boo-boo a little bit by making a nice relay to Brendan who threw to Seager to nail Berkmana 3B trying to stretch a double into a triple
* TWO (a  l  m  o  s  t   3) double plays, including a pretty nifty 3-6-1

Tweet of the game . . .


oh – and there was news prior to the game . . .
* Mariners acquired Aaron Harang from the Rockies for minor league RHP Steven Hensley
* And, homers will no longer be given up by Kameron Loe as he was DFA’d today