g13 | Joe stellar, the bats? not so much . . .

Mariners 1 | Rangers 3

Nutshell = great outing by Joe, unfortunate error by Brendan, some much needed hits by struggling batters, a weird DP and an iffy call

* Joe SO deserved the win . . .
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE UNearned run ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts
* Carter was sloppy, allowing a walk (though there was a bit of a twitter storm re: a bad call by the ump – I wasn’t watching at the time so didn’t see it), a couple hits, a wild pitch and TWO runs in his ONE inning of work.
* Nice job by Ollie ~ who retired all THREE batters he faced in the 9th

Carter sees his breath as the game slips away | Elaine Thompson, AP

* Some baby steps tonight, despite the loss, (they don’t call me Rosy for nuttin’!)…
Ackley, Seager and Smoak all had hits
* Kelly had a nice AB in the 6th (worked a walk after he had two strikes on him) and a ground rule double (the only extra base hit of the game)  in the 5th and scored the M’s only run on Jason’s first of TWO singles of the night.

Jason’s RBI single was the M’s only run | Elaine Thompson, AP

* Brendan booted what should have been a DP in the 6th that led to an unearned run
* They turned TWO DP’s (one with the bases loaded but a run scored (I watched the replay several times and I still don’t quite understand what happened 😦 )
* Justin took a wicked hop at 1B in the 7th (luckily, it hit him in the chest and not the face this time!) but he recovered and Joe was there to back him up for the third out

Tweet of the game . . .