yowsa ~ M’s take control of ROOT . . . through 2030

There have been rumors and speculation for well over a year now re: what the M’s would do as their current TV deal approached it’s end (2015) … now we know!

Mariners form regional sports TV partnership | Mariners.com

DIRECTV Sports Network is the Mariners’ long-standing television rights holder, but the team now takes over the majority stake in the new venture.

The network will continue to operate under the ROOT Sports brand and will provide year-round coverage of the Mariners as well as other professional, college and high school sports programming.

The agreement provides that the network will televise the Mariners through the 2030 season and increases potential revenue that can be used to bolster the team’s player payroll.

Steve Greenberg, a member of the New York investment bank Allen & Company that advised the Mariners on the transaction, said the move will help the club compete financially in the evolving Major League landscape.

“All five clubs in the American League West now have long-term TV deals in place for many years,” Greenberg said, “and the Mariners are in a better position than some of their rivals and actually competitive with all their rivals within the division. We believe that’s an important milestone to have achieved.

“MLB clubs that own a substantial stake in their own [regional sports networks] tend to be among the strongest and most stable franchises in the league.”