g16 | heartbreak in fourteen . . .

It seemed that both starters deserved the W and both lineups deserved the L . . .

Continuing with the “pitcher’s strikeout tally theme” from last night (er, night before last)  where like golf, the fewest wins:  Mariners 19 ~ Tigers 21, giving the M’s the 2-1 series edge in K’s with an aggregate score of 28-36

Alas, the game is still decided by runs, and the Tiggers (despite going 0’fer 12 w/RISP) had one more than the M’s at the end of 14

Mariners 1 | Tigers 2 / in 14

um … lots a K’s

Felix was his usual Felix self, and then some . . .
EIGHT innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE UNearned run ~ ZERO walks ~ TWELVE strikeouts

Going into the game, Felix’s was 9-0 with a 2.86 ERA vs. Detroit in his last ten games. The loss column now has a number and the ERA went down to 2.41

We feel your pain, King | Ted S Warren, AP

The bullpen (Tom + Carter + Oliver + Charlie + Blake) combined for . . .
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ FOUR walks ~ NINE strikeouts

um … lots a K’s

1st-6th ~ M’s had THREE singles, ONE walk

7th ~ Michael doubled and Raul singled to drive in the M’s only run

8th-14th ~ M’s tallied FOUR singles, TWO doubles, THREE walks but ZERO runs and Justin was thrown out at the plate trying to score on Dustin’s double in the 14th

Justin is unsuccessful at dislodging the ball at the plate | Ted S Warren, AP

The way the pitchers were rolling, it could be argued the DEE decided the game . . .
* a really tough bounce error for Brendan gave the Tigers their first run in the 5th
* the M’s were unable to turn any DP’s
* the Tiggers turned THREE double plays and had the HUGE outfield assist from Torii in the 14th

Tweets of the game . . .


cool minor league note . . .
Carlos Triunfel hit for the cycle last night in Tacoma’s 8-0 win over Fresno