g17 | Kuma-by-ya

Mariners 2 | Tigers 0

OK, he won’t really throw that many “by ya” . . . but he sure knows how to pitch!

Hisashi only has TWO wins but, he should have FOUR . . .
He pitched well enough to win in Chicago but, the bats couldn’t bang out a couple more runs and the bp didn’t help. Then today, the bats didn’t come through till he had left the game – darn blister! It probably cost him the W, since he had to leave after the 6th having thrown only 70 pitches.

SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

But, no doubt he’s happy the team finally got the win (and against Verlander, go figure!)

Carter and Tom combined for THREE scoreless innings, giving up TWO hits ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts earning Carter earned his FIRST major league win and Tom his SIXTH save

Mariners Win!!! | Ted S Warren, AP

some unlikely suspects in this one . . .
Endy + Robert + a pinch-hitting Kyle = FIVE hits ~ TWO runs ~ TWO rbi

Kendrys checked in with a double and Justin now has a five-game hitting streak . . . baby steps

awesome catch by Endy . . .

Endy’s catch | Mariners.com

and TWO, count ’em TWO, double plays today!

Tweet of the games . . .