g19 | ALL is not lost . . .

Mariners 0 | Rangers 5

I was out enjoying a nice dinner with friends during the game, while keeping one eye on At Bat

Yes, the bats continue to be in the deep freeze and, Brandon may not be exactly hot but, the strides he’s making are significant. Going 6-plus and giving up TWO solo shots versus the Rangers in Arlington in only your fourth big league start is nothing to be ashamed of.

Unfortunately, the bullpen of Charlie and Yoervis did not fare as well.

move along, nothing to see here . . .

Clearly, the keys here were hitting w/RISP and timing (or lack thereof), as both teams had FIVE hits but the Rangers were 2-5 with TWO homers and FOUR K’s, where the and the M’s were 0-5 with ZERO extra base hits and EIGHT K’s

Apparently, the hardest hit ball was off the bat of Jesus – a smash, two-out single that, unfortunately, got enough of Rangers’ starter Tepesch that he had to be replaced by Derek Lowe who was able to put up FOUR scoreless innings

ZERO DP’s turned but, another TWO turned against them

Some nice outfield work by both sides .  . .
a the Rangers CF’er that robbed Kyle of a double and an A  L  M  O  S   T  home run-robbing catch by Guti

tweet of the game . . .