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Mariners 6 | Angels 0

So, there were only TWO extra base hits in the ENTIRE game.
The good news is . . .
both were Mariners HOME RUNS 🙂

Peggy got his first of the season in his first at bat and, oh yeah, it went FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY ONE FEET!!! (third longest in Safeco Field history!) and later Kyle hit his THIRD homer in FIVE games!

Way to continue to improve, Brandon!

After those first two horrible starts (vs. OAK and HOU) he has bounced back and pitched better with each start (TEX twice, now LAA) this time going

6.1 innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ ONE walk ~ ZERO earned runs ~ SIX strikeouts

Nice outing! | Elaine Thompson, AP

Carter and Tom combined to complete the shutout . . .
Tom only needed EIGHT pitches to get THREE outs in the non-save 9th

Other than the afore mentioned power display ~ good to see . . .

  • 2 fer 4 w/RISP
  • Kyle extending his hitting streak to FOURTEEN
  • the lead-off combo of Endy and Kyle going 6-8 w/2 runs and 3RBI
  • Justin, Robert and Kelly the only ones without at least one hit tonight (Justin walked and scored)

OK – the only bad news I can see from this game is that the M’s hit into FIVE double-plays … yikes!

  • They did, however, turn THREE against the Halos (and obviously, won the game) so, they are forgiven 😉
  • Nice to see Kelly and Dustin nail Trout trying to steal 2B (the first time he’s been caught this season)
  • And, lookie here! Jason made a great shoe-string catch!

tweets of the game . . .