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Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 10

Kudos to Morrow, as he’s been off to a rough start this season but, was able to put the M’s bats in the deep freeze and the M’s pitchers, unlike the last two games, had no answer for the Blue Jays offensive onslaught.

“Safeco Joe” had the opportunity to show he could get back to “Road Joe” (as he has been for much of his career thus far) but, it was a struggle, to say the least. Jays had runners on base in each of his innings of work and they scored in the 1st (1), 2nd (2), 5th (4). Jays also ran wild on Jesus + Joe  with FOUR stolen bases, including a double-steal in the 4th  . . .

FIVE innings ~ NINE hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

} Hector got TWO innings of work in but, wasn’t terribly effective allowing THREE runs on SIX hits and ONE walk
} Lucas with an efficient outing despite walking the lead-off batter, he needed only SEVEN pitches to get THREE outs as he was the lone M’s recipient of the pitcher’s best friend.

chip away, chip away . . .

Having been blanked through FOUR and down 3-0, the M’s started doing the little things in the 5th – Justin and Dustin walked, Jesus singled and Robert grounded into a force-out that scored Justin finally putting the M’s on the board. Then Michael walked and Kyle hit a sac-fly to score Dustin bringing the M’s to within ONE – but, unfortunately, that would be all she wrote. (for a REALLY rosy take – at least Jesus’s single put him up over .200 and leaves Brendan, Robert and Raul as the “only” ones under the Mendoza line).

* Jays got their first run on a crazy sun pop-up – Justin and Dustin ALMOST collide – Dustin has to twist at the last minute by makes a great grab, unfortunately, Davis was on 3B and the speedster scores standing up. Dustin had trouble with the sun in the 7th as well (guess we see why the roof is typically closed 😦 )
* As mentioned in ON THE MOUND, Jays ran wild on Joe + Jesus
* REALLY close DP attempt in the 4th but, end up with only ONE double-play (8th)Dustin had another sun pop-up in the 7th

* The was, however, a nice web gem worthy catch by, who else, The Condor . . .
Condor leaps, Condor grabs

tweet of the game . . .