g35 | Felix, Jesus and Tom, oh my!

Mariners 2 | Pirates 1

Typically, when a box score shows an offense with THREE hits and TEN strikeouts you’re not perusing the winning numbers (despite the FIVE walks). But, the Mariners aren’t your “typical” team (sometimes they win DESPITE themselves) and Felix is not your “typical” pitcher (obviously, he’s The King!)

Sucks that the first pitch was a 9:30am on a week day . . .
‘t would have been a great one to watch (albeit a bit frustrating along the way, as the 3-4-5- hitters went 0 fer 12 and left a combined NINE runners on base) from start to finish.

Not only the pitcher’s duel between Felix and Burnett but, some unusually good DEE from Jesus . . .
he picked off a runner and finally threw out his first would-be base-stealer of the season (SIXTEENTH time’s the charm, right?!?). Not to mention his third homer of the season that turned out to be the winning run!)

So, all-in-all, the battery done good (Felix’s FIFTH win) and The Bartender didn’t allow a last call (NINTH save)


tweet of the game . . .