g40 | annnnnnnd THAT’S called “Kuma Karma”!

Mariners 12 | Yankees 2

I hereby proclaim that I should go to the dentist for every M’s game!
Hey, I’m 2 fer 2 šŸ˜‰ OK, so they were a bit far apart. The first one was in 1995, the one-game playoff vs. the Halos

Anyhoo, I mentioned to some Yankee fans as I was headed to “the chair” that I hoped . . .
+ Kuma could continue to “do what he does”
+ the M’s bullpen could get back to form (before yesterday, they had gone 14-1 when leading after SIX innings)
+ oh yeah, if they could get a few hits w/RISP, that would be swell too

Well . . .
and double CHECK!

I actually expected the M’s to do well in the first two games of this series. I mean, they’ve been playing better of late (haven’t lost a series in the last FIVE), it’s easy to get up for playing in YS and, with the King and Kuma going 1-2, why wouldn’t you expect them to win? So, when things went so horribly wrong late last night, I was pretty sure they would take matters into their own hands, er, bats, tonight. Did they ever!!! While the bats were SPECTACULAR (though they could have saved a few runs for tomorrow – as they’ll likely need them) and Kuma was good, not great – I’m still going with Kuma Karma as a BIG part of the WIN.

Kuma allowed TWO runs, a season high EIGHT hits, recorded third lowest K’s, his ERA ballooned to 1.84 but, his win total increased by ONE . . . sing it, folks! Kuma Karma!!!

Kuma being Kuma | AL Bello, Getty Images

Kuma being Kuma | AL Bello, Getty Images

Jiminey, what a BAT night!
~ Every starter had a hit (YES, even Brendan!)
~ In fact, every starter except Brendan and Dustin had TWO hits (Dustin also walked THREE times)
~ Rauuuuuuul (that show-off!) had TWO homers, including one salami style (good for SIX rbi total)
~ every starter (except Jesus) scored at least ONE run
~ Michael S had TWO doubles and ONE rbi
~ Kyle collected THREE rbi’s with ONE swing of the bat

I could go on, but you get the pretty picture šŸ™‚

Raul's been trending | Julio Cortez, AP

Raul’s been trending | Julio Cortez, AP

Let’s just say the play in the field was sort of an after thought tonight šŸ˜‰
* only ONE dp (Kyle-Dustin-Justin)
* Yanks turned TWO dps and Ichiro made an error

tweets of the game . . .