g41 | spot start + great pen + timely hits = series win and . . . 2nd place!

Mariners 3 | Yankees 2

So, I wasn’t overly confident about winning the series with Aaron Harang on the mound (though he’s definitely improved over his last couple of starts). When it was announced that he had been scratched due to back issues and Hector Noesi would be taking his turn, my confidence level dropped even further.

shows ya what I know . . . . not much 😉

Hector started the season in AA Jackson and has been working (very sporadically) out of the pen since being called up in mid-April (his longest outing 3.2 innings/51 pitches). I’m sure most were praying he could just somehow get through FIVE.  Well, he didn’t quite make it – he went 4.1 but, he DID keep them in the game – good on ya, Hector!

THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts

then, nearly the rest of the pen took over (Oliver, Youervis, Lucas, Carter, Tom) combined for 4.2 . . .

FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Ollie recorded the W (his first of the season), Carter bringing it vs. the lefties (against which he has struggled mightily) in the 8th and and Tom earned his 11th save (in ELEVEN tries) though the 9th was a little “tums-inducing”. He was uncharacteristically throwing a ton of balls, though he didn’t actually walk anyone.

  • The first batter was out on a gb to Dustin (who fielded a bit awkwardly but, got it done)
  • Then, a base hit and a bad throw from Jesus later – a runner was on 2B and the fact that Brendan, backing up Dustin, made a great stop to prevent the runner from getting to 3B was a moot point, as he got there during the next AB.
  • The next batter struck out
  • And, “don’t ya know”, Cano grounded out to end the game


celebrating a series victory | Bill Kostroun, AP

celebrating a series victory | Bill Kostroun, AP

~ Only SEVEN hits but, with one HOMER (Michael M) and ONE RBI double (Dustin) the extra-base hit ratio not too shabby.
~ OK, ELEVEN strikeouts isn’t exactly brag-worthy but, 2-9 w/RISP is better than than 0’fer 😉
~ Hey look – Brendan had TWO hits AND an rbi!!!

* seems like there’s been a serious lack of DP’s lately 😦
* and Hector had a throwing error
* the most important play could have turned into an ugly error with multiple run scored but, instead saved the tying run from scoring (see below)
* oh, yeah – Eric Wedge was ejected from the game after the first inning arguing that Ichiro trapped a low-liner

play of the game . . . 
Morales saves a run

quote of the game . . .

“I looked at Ack and said, ‘This is awesome. This is truly awesome. This is good baseball here.” -Brendan Ryan after the third out in the 9th

stat of the game . . .
^Mariners were 18-0 when leading after 8 innings
^Yankees were 0-15 when trailing afer 8 innigs

tweet of the game . . .