g44 | Late inning losses loom large given this unHappy Felix Day

Mariners 0 | Indians 6

I spoze Felix was due for a clunker but, it would have been SO much easier to take had the M’s been able to pull out at least one of the first two come-from-behind games and produce a thriller instead of the heart-breakers they both were. It’s also a shame that the defense, obviously a strong suit heretofore, had to have a let down. Can’t do that vs. a good team – and make no mistake, Cleveland is no Houston, they are likely one of the hottest (and most complete) teams the M’s have faced so far this season . . . so there’s that.

Third time the M’s have been shutout (Rangers have been shut out twice, all other ALW four times)

Possibly, his back was still an issue as there were comments on the broadcast re: Felix not being able to finish his pitches (everything was UP). He was not only hit hard in the first two innings, he threw 58 pitches (and gave up FIVE runs, FOUR earned). He breezed through the 3rd with only SEVEN pitches and then in the 4th, he failed to back up at HP – very unusual, as Felix is one of the best fielders (pitcher or otherwise) there is. The 5th inning would prove to be his last but, certainly not his least as he allowed a lead-off double and a walk and then proceeded to strike out the side (K’d EIGHT Tribe members in all). True Grit.

} Charlie was great in his TWO innings of relief ZERO hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts
} Lucas made it through the 8th giving up a hit and striking out one.

With TWELVE strikeouts, you’d expect a better result. The Tribe made their hits (and their speed) count.

Move along, nothing to see here.
~ Masterson has now thrown NINETEEN straight scoreless innings.
~ M’s managed FOUR walks but only FOUR hits (all singles) and THIRTEEN strikeouts

1st inning provided a bad omen for the typically stellar DEE (2nd in the league coming into this game) . . .
* Michael M’s throw allows a runner to advance to 2B and then Justin’s first error of the season allows him to score
* Jesus barely fields a dribbler to get the out at 1B but, the runner at 2B scores, as no one (Felix knows better) is covering
* Jesus doesn’t block a WP and runners advance to 2B and 3B (moot, as Felix ends up striking out the side)

tweets of the game . . .