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Mariners 8 | Indians 10

I don’t even know where to start.

I don’t ever remember a game such as this – there were TEN lead changes (counting the first lead and ties). Unfortunately, the LAST lead-change belonged to the Tribe.

As great as it was to see them scrape and claw to get those lead changes . . .
including homers in the 8th (Kyle to tie), 9th (Endy to go ahead) and 10th (Justin to take the lead – AGAIN)

It was devastating to see them lose on what has been their strength: pitching and defense . . .
With TWO outs in the bottom of the 9th, runners at 1B and 3B, Tom muffed a play at 1B that allowed the tying run to score. I hate to lay the blame on him (he’s been MONEY recording ELEVEN saves in as many opportunities) BUT, they’d be celebrating a thrilling victory on their way to Anaheim instead of being swept out of Cleveland . . . if he’d JUST made that play 😦

I can’t help but think that this series could be a turning point in the season ~ GOOD or BAD  . . .
There was SO much good, namely the clutch hits and power, that has been so sorely lacking. But then, losing because your strength ~ pitching and defense ~ falters is so disappointing and frustrating. They have got to find a way to put it behind them, to get it done with the strengths that have been there all along as well as incorporate their new found, shiny toy that is a bit of power and clutch-ness.

Kuma’s first inning was much like most of his innings have been 1-2-3 and, it went downhill from there . . .
He allowed FOUR runs in the second inning (the most he’s allowed in an entire game ALL season). He walked THREE (hadn’t walked a batter since May 4th in Toronto) and allowed ONE more run before his day was done. It was good that he finished well – facing just one over the minimum in his last TWO innings. Maybe, like Felix, he was due but, why does everyone have to be “due” at the same time?!?!

}Yoervis, also less than sharp today, allowed a couple of walks and a run
} Ollie and Carter combined for a scoreless (finally!) 8th
} and then, “Closing Time” was extended (see above)
} Charlie thought he was back in NY for a minute – he allowed a single, Justin committed his second error of the series (and the season) and then, the THREE-run bomb that ended the game, in heartbreak, once again. Seems there was some discussion on twitter, etc. about having Tom come back out for the 10th – I sort of wonder why Eric didn’t opt for Farquhar . . .

Except for Michael S (who is having a brutal 2-28 road trip) there are ZERO complaints about how the offense performed today . . .
~ well, OK. TWELVE strikeouts are nothing to by proud of but, typically, EIGHT runs is enough
~ 3 fer 9 w/RISP and a nice 50% ratio of extra-base hits (TWELVE hits ~ THREE doubles ~ THREE homers)
~ multiple hits by Kendrys, Kyle and Robert
~ RBI’s spread throughout the lineup
~ let alone the “clutch-ness” as described earlier – how often do you see homers in THREE consecutive innings? Especially when those innings are the 8th, 9th and 10th . . g a h!!!

* Kuma made a rare but, inconsequential error
* Tom’s error was the heart-breaker that sent it into extras instead of to a happy plane
* Justin’s error meant the homer was a game-winner, instead of the chance to maybe still be playing
* TWO double-plays, rather moot now

tweets of the game . . .