g47 | road trip from hell (that started in heaven) FINALLY over . . .

Mariners 1 | Angels 7

Taking 2/3 from the Yanks seems SOOOOO long ago . . .
Methinks the TWENTY-FIVE man roster might look a bit different come Friday.

Apparently, Maurer’s home was not so sweet . . .
THREE innings ~ ELEVEN hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

Brandon's bad day | Mark J Terrill, AP

Brandon’s bad day | Mark J Terrill, AP

Eric said in the post game that he is learning a LOT, that he’s handling it all well and that he’s good good stuff but, he’s just going through some things that all pitchers have to go through. I guess he knows better than me but, I’m always a little queazy when a starting pitcher has very little (or NO) AAA experience (another “Brandon” comes to mind).

Charlie and Yoervis and Tom combined for some of the moral victory . . .
FIVE scoreless innings ~ ONE hit ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Some pretty sad numbers, especially coming off the shutout last night. As heart-breaking as the THREE close games in Cleveland were, they kept coming back and didn’t give up. I’m not saying they lost their heart but, getting down SO far, SO early is pretty crushing. Apparently, there was the dreaded “player’s only meeting” after the game tonight. Seems they rarely make a difference but, maybe they have the right vets in place now their words of wisdom and experience can be taken to heart.

Other moral victories  on the road trip . . .
~ Brendan 11 for 28 including TWO doubles, a homer and THREE walks – increasing his average by 69 points
~ Kendrys 13 for 37 including FIVE doubles and a homer and THREE walks ~ increasing his average by 20 points
~ Justin 7 for 28 including ONE double, TWO (very high leverage) homers and and FOUR walks

* THREE double plays
* Kelly nailed Aybar at 2B in the first (right before the wheels came off for Brandon)

quote of the game . . . 

“It was a tough day for Maurer,” Wedge said. “He just wasn’t able to get the ball down consistently and made a lot of mistakes in the middle and up in the zone. He competed. He battled. This is a tough kid, but he just made too many mistakes.”

tweet of the game . . .