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Mariners 5 | Rangers 9

Normally, FOURTEEN hits, including FIVE doubles (not to mention 4 for 12 w/RISP) would be a little something for the offense to write home about but, when all that output nets only FIVE runs, it’s an issue (and yet, compared to their performance in Anaheim, it’s definitely progress!).

And then there’s the issue of the Safeco Joe moniker finally coming back to bite the beholder 😦

It could have been much worse, as Joe was able to get out of a bases loaded jam in the 4th only giving up ONE run. His K total was good but, the walks and the extra base hits (TWO doubles, TWO homers) were killer and, he threw a TON of pitches (95)

FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SIX runs ~ TWO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Danny retired the side in order in the 6th but then the R’s scored their first run in the 7th via THREE singles (the third with TWO out)
} Lucas came in with two on and promptly walked the first batter to load the bases and gave up a 2-run single (which, of course were charged to Danny ~ which I think is MOST unfair – seems like the two pitchers involved in inherited runs scoring should split the earned runs). Lucas posted a 1-2-3 8th
} Carter came in for the 9th and allowed a single but nothing else

Lots of TWOs . . .
~ Kendrys, Michael M, Raul, Justin and Brendan ALL with TWO hits (Kyle with THREE!)
~ Kyle and Brendan both with TWO doubles (both of Brendon’s of the RBI variety)
~ Kyle, Kendrys, Raul and Brendan with the RBIs

And some FIRSTs . . .
Jesus Sucre’s first major league hit (a solid single) and his first major league run (on Brendan’s double)

Sucre's debut | Otto Greule Jr, Getty Images

Sucre’s debut | Otto Greule Jr, Getty Images

* M’s turned TWO dp’s
* R’s turned ONE – even though the box score shows TWO . . .
the first baseman stretched as if to catch the throw from the SS / 2B but the pitcher was the one who actually caught the ball and was no wear NEAR the bag and, unfortunately, Sucre (in his first major league AB) was called out on the “phantom” double-play.

tweets of the game . . . 

Look! an old friend . . .