g49 | heads bobble, M’s wobble

Mariners 2 | Rangers 5

ugh. another series loss.

for what it’s worth, interesting to note that . . .
^ M’s have now played 31 games vs. teams over .500
^ R’s have played 32 games vs. teams under .500 (coincidentally, their record is 32-17)

Suffice it to say, Felix hasn’t been the same since he came out of the Yankee game back in NY due to back strain. First he faltered in Cleveland, tonight it was at home in front of King’s Court – 114 pitches weren’t enough to get him through the 6th . . .

ELEVEN hits ~ FIVE runs ~ ONE walk ~ NINE strikeouts

Good to see the bullpen return to form . . .
Ollie, Yoervis, Charlie and Carter combined for 3.2 innings of scoreless relief – only TWO hits and FOUR K’s

M’s batters were double-digit strikeout victims tonight, bringing the total of such games to TWENTY
~ they only manage FIVE total hits
~ only ONE for extra bases – Kendrys, double, which also accounted for the M’s only runs

The DEE at least looked nicely familiar tonight . . .
* nice DP (Brendan-Carlos-Justin)
* awesome play at the plate – Brendan to Kelly
* great catch by Michael S, robbing the Rangers of a sure double

We need more smiles like this | Elaine Thompson, AP

We need more smiles like this | Elaine Thompson, AP

tweets of the game . . .