g62 | Will the REAL Jeremy Bonderman please stand up?

Mariners 4 | Yankees 1


Wow – what a difference a week makes!
First M’s outing (in MIN) 4.2 innings ~ NINE hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ ONE strikeout
Tonight: SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

Way to go, Jeremy!

} Yoervis went 1.2 with TWO strikeouts and ONE walk
} Charlie came in to finish the 8th by striking out Cano
} The Bartender had walked four of the last five ‘first batters’ he faced so, to get the first guy with a strikeout was a huge relief. He ended up allowing a two-out double to Youk but then was able to get Wells to fly out to secure his FIFTEENTH save and Jeremy’s FIRST M’s victory! (since Sept of 2010).

4’s and 2’s were big
M’s scored FOUR runs in the FOURTH w/TWO outs via TWO, TWO-run singles

It all started with Michael M’s double (his first since returning to the lineup from the quad strain) then Nick walked and Kelly walked. So, with the bases loaded, Brendan came through with a TWO-run single and on a single that hit the 2B bag, Endy re-loaded the bases for Jason who also hit a TWO-run single.

THREE doubles of NINE hits, not a bad extra base ratio

* Brendan with an error (that he MORE than made up for with his RBIs!)
* Kelly with a pick-off of Wells at 2B and a nice mile-high pop-up catch
* Michael S made a great running, shoestring catch when he went in for the 8th and had the first ball hit to him
* Kyle made a great hot corner snare to end the game

tweets of the game . . .

instagram of the game . . . (courtesy of the Seahawks)