g68 | Old Joe + Young Mike = not too shabby battery

Mariners 3 | Athletics 2

whodathunk the M’s would be the ones to break the A’s ELEVEN game home-winning streak?

Way to be “Road Joe”, Joe and collect your first road win this season!
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Danny gave up a lead off homer in the 8th but, retired the next THREE batters in order
} Ollie collected his FIRST career SAVE via a pop-up, strikeout, single and a fly out

~ M’s first run courtesy a 2nd inning GDIP by Mike Z that scored Michael M, who had doubled
~ M’s second run courtesy Mike Z’s FIRST big league homer ~a solo shot in the 7th

s  t  r  e  t  c  h | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

s  t  r  e  t  c  h | Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

~ M’s third run courtesy Raul’s RBI single scoring Nick (who’d been at 3B cuz of Kyle’s takeout slide)
~ Every starter except Kendrys had at least one hit (and he did have some HARD outs)
~ Raul and Nick each with TWO hits
~ Michael S with a solid single in the 9th to break an 0-18 slump on a NINE pitch AB

* Brendan with his usual couple of super plays, including a DP (Nick-Brendan-Morse)
* unfortunately Brendan also had an error (which is becoming a little too usual)
* and, Nick and Jason got crossed up on a pop-up that allowed the A’s first run to score
* excellent work behind the plate from Mike (so THIS is what a real catcher looks like 🙂 ) – including a great play for an out at home . . .
Michael S muffed fielding a hit to shallow center but, stayed with it for the relay to Brendan and then to Mike who caught it and dove back to tag the 6′ 8″runner who was also diving to the plate

Mike's first play at the plate | Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

Mike’s first play at the plate | Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

A’s catcher deserves a mention as he made an OUTSTANDING, sprawling catch of a pop-up that was the result of Brendan’s failed bunt attempt in the 9th after Michael S had singled ~ thankfully, it wouldn’t matter

tweets of the game . . .