g69 | Henry’s good day.

Mariners 4 | Athletics 0

If Henry was trying to make a good impression on the club . . .
I’d say he succeeded every which way but loose!

  • Catching a shutout for Felix
you got this | Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

you got this | Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

  • Tagging a runner out at home (that would have broken a 0-0 tie in favor of the A’s)

O U T ! | Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

  • Hitting a GRAND SLAM (his FIRST hit as a Mariner is only the SECOND career  grand slam ~his last one was in 2000~ heck, he hadn’t hit a homer of ANY kind since July 2012 – the only one he hit last year) to drive in ALL the runs of the game!
S L A M ! ! ! ! | Ben Margot, AP

S L A M ! ! ! ! | Ben Margot, AP

Welcome to Seattle, Henry!!!

Despite throwing 108 pitches and, getting into trouble a few times, it ended as a VERY Happy Felix Day!

SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts

~ They were only 1-6 w/RISP (but that one was pretty impressive 😉 )
~ All but Brendan and Kyle had as least one hit
~ Michael M had THREE hits, including a double (nice to see him getting back on track!)

THREE double plays (including the outfield assist of Endy to Henry)

tweets of the game . . . 


stat of the game . . .

Mariners starters have given up 2ER in the last 45 innings