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Mariners 3 | Angels 11

Considering how the first THREE innings went, it seems a bit of a miracle that Aaron was able to get through FIVE full. He allowed a season high hit total for a final line of . . .
FIVE innings ~ TWELVE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Which, when compared to the bullpen’s line, really wasn’t all that bad 😦

} Carter wasn’t able to get out of the 6th (a single, a double and two walks = one earned run)
} Charlie inherited the bases-loaded with two outs and promptly gave up in infield (high chopper) on an 0-2 pitch to Aybar that scored ONE . . . but, that was just the beginning of the bleeding. On the next pitch, Callaspo hit a TWO-run single and, on the 7th pitch to Ianetta another run scored. Then Bourjos had one of the few hits of the inning that didn’t result in any runs. Unfortunately, Trout reached on an error by Nick and TWO more scored . . . 11-2 is how the seemingly never-ending 6th would end.
} Danny with the only “clean sheet” of the night . . .
TWO innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ tWO strikeouts

~ Nick with the TWO-run bomb in the 3rd to cut the lead Halos lead in half at the time (4-2)
~ Kendrys hit into a fielder’s choice in the 8th – Kyle safe at 2B and Endy scored the M’s third run
~ Mike Z’s first game without a hit (flied out all FOUR times)

* Nifty 5-3 DP in the 4th ~a line drive to Kyle’s glove then the throw to 1B to double up Trout~ and a (whew!) “scary snow cone catch” by Nick for the 3rd out
* OUCH~ A  1 (off Harang’s leg) 5 – 3 put out to lead off the 5th
* Mike short-hopped a throw, allowing a speedy Bourjos (w/a healthy jump) to steal 2B in the 6th
* Endy couldn’t quite get a ball off the wall in RF and slipped – nice hustle by Michael S who backed him up to get the ball in preventing a second run from scoring
* a total of THREE DP’s but, all for naught

tweet of the game . . .

misc notes of the game . . .

Mariners have SEVEN players under the age of 24 (league average is THREE)

Jack Z was in Sacramento tonight watching the “re-habbing / re-tooling crew”
(help on the way???)  . . .
^ Dustin with a single (has a 16-gamer was halted last night, so he starts anew)
^ Justin with a single and a double
^ Guit with a homer