g73 | too much CJ, too many Angels in the outfield . . .

Mariners 0 | Angels 1

Way to go, Joe!
He certainly did his job and can no longer be labeled just “Safeco Joe”. He allowed only ONE run (Trout led off the 6th with a hustle double, advance to 3B on a fly out and scored on a wild pitch). Joe gave up TWO walks but, neither came till the 8th and both were erased on a DP.
EIGHT innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

At least the bullpen got the night off  😉

Move along . . .
nothing to see here.
~ TWO hits, both singles (Kyle and Kendrys)
~ TWO walks (Raul and Mike)

Man, talk about Angels in the outfield! I wasn’t listening/watching the entire game but, it seems every time I was the Halos were robbing extra base hits at the wall.

* Seager had a SB
* M’s turned TWO twice (Brendan-Nick-Michael, Nick-Michael)
* Mike shoulda had a caught stealing on Aybar (as Nick tagged him on the back) but, he was called safe (moot, as Bourjos grounded out on his second pitch)


tweet of the game . . .


stat of the game . . . 

Mariners starters over the last TWELVE starts have posted a 1.77 ERA


hope for the future . . .