g74 | look, runs we’ve been craving! look, it was all for naught.

Mariners 9 | Angels 10

Normally, we’re mourning for Felix and his lack of run support.
Not so tonight – the bats did just about everything they could – staking him leads of 7-0, 8-1 and 8-2 only to see it evaporate 8-7 by the time he left the mound after the 5th. Good things tend not to happen when your ACE has a very bad night and your bullpen is all kerfuffled because your closer is outta whack and other young arms are struggling.

Seems Felix used up his allotment of good games vs the Halos this season (ONE). They are indeed his nemesis. Of course, by the time I settled in to watch the game, it was the bottom of the 5th – that was the part where Felix gave up SEVEN consecutive hits (homer, single, single, single, homer, single single) and FIVE runs. The very unhappy Felix totals . . . .
FIVE innings ~ TWELVE hits ~ SEVEN runs ~ SIX earned ~ ZERO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Danny did sort of his usual thing – allowed a run (the tying run at the time 8-8) and struck out THREE

} Carter was unable to record an out in the 8th (also gave up a tying run 9-9)

} Yoervis came in to a tie game with a runner at 3B and no outs and they were able to get TWO outs at the plate but then he WALKED in the go-ahead run . . . argh!

} Ollie came in and struck out Hamilton for the last out of the 8th

Unfortunately, I missed all the good stuff . . .
you know, the part were the M’s scored EIGHT runs in the first FOUR innings.

Overall, certainly no complaints about the offense
~ Kyle’s on fire! FOUR hits (including a double and a homer) THREE runs & THREE rbi
~ Raul with TWO hits and TWO rbi
~ Nick just keeps on getting on . . . ONE hit, ONE walk, TWO runs
~ good to see Michael S with a couple of hits including a double
~ Henry & Justin were the only ones without hits, both walked and Justin scored (and it looked like he m i g h t have hit one out in the top of the 9th

* web gem by Brendan in the 8th – bases loaded diving stop and then throwing home from his knees video
* a nice catch by Michael to rob Boujos of extra bases (returning the favor) and an outfield assist from Raul
* also a couple of throwing errors (Felix and Henry) and a wild pitch

tweets of the game . . .