g76 | Guti’s back ~ Raul’s still got it ~ Nick. is. good.

Mariners 7 | Athletics 5

Given the hearbreak of late, I’d have to put this win right at the top of the highlights of the season . . .
They took an early lead when Guti blasted a homer in his first AB off the DL. They showed resilience when Raul tied the game late with a THREE-run homer (he’s been pressed into WAY more regular service than was EVER intended – but he’s come through in spades) . They showed clutch-ness when Nick, even later, got the game-winning TWO-run single. And, oh yeah – they showed off the DEE we know they are capable of (with a SWEET dp turned in the 9th) and then they showed that their pitching, even with a current kerfuffle of a bullpen, CAN be  j u s t  good enough.

When Aaron has been good, he’s been really good (see TWO complete game shutouts).
When Aaron has been bad, he’s been really bad (see games vs. TEX, NYY, LAA, TEX where he gave up 6, 7, 8 runs respectively without getting out of the 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively)
Tonight, was more what you’d expect from a 5th starter, just mediocre . . .
FIVE innings ~ SIX hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny being Danny ~ gives up TWO hits in the 6th but ends up striking out the side
} Charlie not quite what we wanted ~ struck out TWO but gave up a double and an intentional walk and BOTH of his inherited runners would score to make it 5-2
} Yoervis struggles early, sparkles late ~ he gave up TWO runs (both charged to Charlie) and got a strikeout to end the inning. He bounced back really nicely, retiring the side in the 8th, and earning the WIN in the 9th.

~ Nick  a l m o s t  hits one out in the first but settled for a stand up double and was left stranded at 3B
~ Guti homered in his first AB since April 22nd, giving the M’s the early 1-0 lead

~ Nick battled in his second AB (w/Justin and Henry both aboard via walks) coming up with an RBI single that scored Justin (and, amazingly, advanced Henry to 3B!) to see the M’s take a 2-0 lead
~ Justin smoked a super hard hit single that sent Raul from 1B to 3B but, both were left stranded when Henry grounded into a FC
~ Endy hit a ground rule double w/ONE out in the 4th, he was left stranded (are you sensing a pattern here?)
~ Justin beat the shift with a lead-off single in the 6th but . . . you guessed it
~ Rauuuuuuul goes yard in the 7th for a THREE RUN HOMER to tie the game at 5-5

~ Then, in the 8th, Brendan with a solid single advances to 2B on a WP and then Endy lays down a PERFECT bunt and is SAFE at 1B and, Nick with what would turn out to be the game-winning TWO-run RBI single

* Nice to know the M’s aren’t the only ones who can make bone-headed base running boo-boos (CoCo Crisp got caught WAY off 1B so that he was able to be picked off rather nonchalantly)
* Guti got his first chance at a put out – a high fly ball – in the 1st inning for the third out. His second chance, a diving attempt, went for a double. And, fittingly, he would catch the fly ball that ended the game.
* SUPER double play turned on Cespedes (Kyle-Nick-Justin) for the first TWO outs of the 9th

tweets of the game . . .