g82 | I thought the Cubbies were supposed to stink . . .

Mariners 6 | Cubs 7

Between catching up on errands and chores that went neglected yesterday in favor of social engagements and loss of cable and internet for awhile this afternoon, I was unable to see any of the game, though listened to as much as possible. ‘t was pretty bleak early, pretty exciting late and pretty disappointing in the end, though, not without bright spots on which I will try to focus.

Jeremy’s M’s debut back in early June left much to be desired, as he gave up SEVEN earned runs and was unable to get out of the 5th. Since then, he’s had FOUR total starts and gone at least 5+ in each (once a full EIGHT) and given up a total of FOUR earned runs.  Today, the Cubs definitely had his number, as he wasn’t even able to get out of the FOURTH . . .
3.1 innings ~ SIX hits ~ SIX runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Enter long-man, Blake. He allowed an inherited runner to score and then ONE of his own but, settled down and pitched pretty well . . .
4.2 innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Oh sO good to see Tommy mow ’em down! first batter took awhile to get (9 pitches till the fly out) but then a quick ground out and a strikeout swinging.

Let’s just get the bad outta the way . . .
ONE fer FOURTEEN w/RISP (blech! blech! blech!)

Now then, the good . . .
~ TEN hits ~ SEVEN for extra bases ~ FOUR doubles (2x Endy, 2x Brad) + THREE homers
~ Brad with his FIRST and SECOND big league hits ~ both doubles  ~ and his FIRST run scored
~ Jason with his TENTH homer (all solo shots)
~ Rauuuuuuul with his NINETEENTH homer (his total for ALL of last year)
~ Kyle with his ELEVENTH homer (a TWO-run shot to get the M’s to within ONE in the 8th)
~ Kyle and Nick (the future is now) each with TWO rbi

Brad's first big league hit - a double | Photo/Ted S. Warren, AP

Brad’s first big league hit – a double | Photo/Ted S. Warren, AP


A rare (best fielding 3B going into this game) and unfortunate error by Kyle allows 2 unearned runs

tweets of the game . . .