g91 | done in by RS bats and “the other” Venezuelan Felix

Mariners 4 | Red Sox 11

Early on, it was fairly apparent that seeing the M’s homer streak extended to EIGHTEEN games was likely be the best we could hope for (because, clearly, the M’s pitching was not up to the task of the mighty Red Sox these last TWO games) it was just a surprise that Brendan Ryan would be the one to do it. We are seeing a pattern in this series: 11-4, 11-8, 11-4 – first to ELEVEN tomorrow wins!  😉

Aaron looked to follow up his great start in Cinci with another but, ‘t was not to be . . .
1st inning went well, with the aid of a DP. The 2nd inning could have been MUCH worse, as the loaded the bases with NO outs (including a double by Ortiz that gave him the all time DH hits record – 1689) but they only managed a couple of sac-flys. And, it just escalated from there . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

} Lucas, the only pitcher with a decent outing last night, did not help matters in relief of Aaron on this night, giving up a couple of inherited runners and then another of his own.
} Carter was far from dominant, walking a couple and loading the bases once but, he did manage to get through 1.1 w/o damage
} Ollie posted a pretty typical 1-2-3 (the reason he’s drawing some attention as the trade deadline nears)
} Tom walked the first two batters and allowed ONE run on a WP and another on a one-out single (to Mike Carp). He ended up striking out TWO on (sheer anger).

~ Kyle extended his hit streak to TEN games
~ Jason , Kendrys, Dustin, Justin and Michael S all with doubles
~ Brendan hit a homer on the 8th pitch of his AB in the 8th (having replaced Nick) off a pitcher making his major league debut
~ Kendrys, Justin and Henry with the other RBI

* DP (Brad-Nick-Justin) to erase the first hit of the game
* Kyle continued to show off his solid skills at the hot corner with a couple of nice plays
* Brad had a bad throw to Nick that allowed a run in the 6th

tweets of the game . . .