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Mariners 6 | Angels 0

There were so many good omens leading up to tonight’s game ~ I just knew it would end in a Mariners win (well, I was in deep hope that it would anyway) . . .

  • I found the EXACT right shade of teal for my toes today
  • got one of the VERY last parking spots at the link station
  • while in line to buy my ticket (which would have been in the third deck) I was offered a FREE one – on the MAIN LEVEL (23 rows from the field on the 3B side)
  • got to watch the game and chat with the lovely couple who gave me the ticket!

So, see what I mean, there was no way this night was going to go wrong (even though I’m fully aware of Felix’s “Halo history”)

King's Court was in session! | Lisa's iPhone

King’s Court was in session! | Lisa’s iPhone

Pretty much vintage Felix tonight (how cool is it that one can be labeled “vintage” when one is only 27 years young?)
Felix has had his struggle with the Halos, more than any other team. But, tonight? Not a hint of trouble . . .
EIGHT innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Felix K's Albert in the   the 3rd inning | Lisa's iPhone

Felix K’s Albert in the the 3rd inning | Lisa’s iPhone

K K K K | Lisa's iPhone

K K K K | Lisa’s iPhone

} Yoervis shut ’em down in the 9th 1-2-3 (with TWO strikeouts) and handed Felix his 10th victory ~ the first time in his career he has had 10 wins before the All Star Break.

Lovin’ the double-digit hits, lovin’ the 3-9 w/RISP, lovin’ the continuation of the homer streak . . . just plain LOVIN’!!!
~ There were THREE innings that the M’s were retired in order (3rd, 5th, 8th) but, it really didn’t seem like it. Maybe because there were FIVE innings that the Halos were retired in order 🙂
~ Kyle extended his hitting streak to THIRTEEN but, it was Justin who extended the M’s homer streak to TWENTY-ONE – with a THREE-run SMOAK BOMB to dead centerfield! It is really awesome to see Justin’s hard work paying off (his previous AB ended in an RBI single ~ on the 10th pitch~ during which, Jered Weaver threw all but the kitchen sink at him)
~ Raul, Kendrys, Kyle and Michael S all had TWO hits

* Michael S was caught stealing
* ONE dp turned by the M’s ~ TWO by the Halos

tweets of the game . . .


Cool side note . . . 
Tim Lincecum threw a no hitter in San Diego tonight and they cut into the game live with one out in the 9th inning and showed it on the video board at Safeco – we got to see the 2nd out and then, as our game was resuming after Yoervis’s warm-up, they returned to the video board to the normal stat/lineup in-game stuff . . . and the crowed booed! A few minutes later, they cut in again (between batters of our game) to show the replay of Tim getting the 27th out and the ensuing celebration . . . and the crowd roared!

Congrats, Timmy! | Lisa's iPhone

Congrats, Timmy! | Lisa’s iPhone