Homer Happenings

Here we are at the All Star Break and The King and Kuma are on their way to join in the festivities in New York.

In the meantime, I’ll take a look at the “1st half” highlights over the next couple of days – starting with the consecutive home run streak. Now, those who know me, know my love of defense and that my mantra has always been . . .

Chicks did the long ball but, REAL women love leather

That being said, even I must admit this little home run barrage the guys are on is pretty fun. I mean, it’s been more than a   L  O  N  G   while since the Mariners were tied for SECOND highest homer total in the MAJORS (115) at the break.

Here’s the distribution of the THIRTY-SEVEN home runs the Mariners have hit during the streak that started on June 20th in Anaheim . . .

  • Raul 10
  • Kyle 7
  • Kendrys 6
  • Justin 4
  • Jason 3
  • Nick 3
  • Michael S 2
  • Brendan 1
  • Guti 1

Multi-homer games
Raul and Kendrys each hit 2 homers in 1 game twice

Team breakdown

  • 1 homer – 12x
  • 2 homers – 6x
  • 3 homers – 3x
  • 4 homers – 1x

Here’s to the guys picking up the streak where they left it upon resumption of play on Friday!
and maybe Brad, Dustin, Endy, Henry and Mike Z can get on the board with a contribution or two 🙂