Rauuuuuuul! Yes, he is SO cool :-)

So, yeah . . .
raise your hand if you penciled in Raul for club leader in RBI (56), homers (24) & tied for triples (2) at the break.

And then, there’s that little matter of being on pace to obliterate the record for homers at age 41+ (held by none other than Ted Williams – 29)

Here’s the thing . . .
Raul wasn’t even supposed to be playing this much. Seems most figured his role would be pinch hitter/platoon player with some occasionally starts in LF but, for the most part, he would be a mentor to “the kids” (much as Junior was in 2009).

But, life and baseball had other plans and, when various injuries side-lined the entire outfield at one time or another (Guti AND Michael Morse AND Michael Saunders) Raul was called in for more service than anyone could have imagined. He’s started 54 games in LF and, while no one will mistake him for a gold glover, he’s been more than serviceable (even has a handful of assists) and then there’s his bat ~ pretty darned amazing what he’s accomplished so far this season.

Good on ya, Raul ~ keep up the good work!

Raul doing what he does | Ted S. Warren, AP

Raul doing what he does | Ted S. Warren, AP


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