g99 | Super pitching, just enough O and Closing Time returns

Some scary news prior to first pitch as Eric Wedge suffered some dizzy spells during batting practice. He went to the hospital and reports after the game were that he was resting comfortably there and staying overnight while awaiting test results. Thoughts and prayers . . . hopefully, the news of the Mariners SEVENTH victory in a row (under the sub-Skipper Robbie Thompson) helped him feel a bit better 🙂

Mariners 2 | Indians 1

Aaron was outstanding tonight with pretty much everything working ~ 99 pitches got him through . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Charlie posted a scoreless 8th with a strikeout (and assisted in the caught-stealing of Bourn
} Tom, dare I say “The Bartender”, had us holding our breath a bit – giving up a one-out double and then a ground ball that got the runner to 3B and then a two-out walk and then . . . B R E A T H E   a fly ball OUT . . . and his 22nd save . . . YES! In a way, it’s sort of good that he had just enough adversity that he was able to overcome (especially against THIS team – see game posts 42-45)

I loved that Kendrys was one of the first out of the dugout and VERY animated with Tom ~ you could just tell he was SO happy for Tom that he’s seemingly got his confidence back

Well, hits and runs were a bit harder to come by tonight than they have been lately (on BOTH sides) luckily, they were enough . . .
~ Kendrys’ 15th homer, a solo shot in the 4th, tied the game @ 1
~ Mike Z’s first homer at home gave the M’s the 2-1 lead (which they would not relinquish) in the 5th
~ Michael S ended his career high 10-game hitting streak

* Nice 1-3-6 to get Bourn tying to steal in the 8th (after he’d gotten aboard via a HBP from Charlie)
* Mike Z still showing solid behind the plate, including some dicey situations in the 9th with a tying run at 3B

tweets of the game . . . 


Tacoma News . . .
– Michael Morse began his rehab in Tacoma with a bang: TWO-run homer in his first AB (DH)
– James Paxton: 6 innings ~ 4 hits ~ 1 earned run ~ 7 strikeouts
– Stephen Pryor: one scoreless inning with a K
– Jesus Montero: 2/4 with a double and a run scored


Congrats to Brad Miller ~ the AL Player of the Week! (first M’s 


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