g102 | going batty on minnie

Well, ‘t wasn’t easy – Kuma had to work out of jam after jam  – he had runners on base in every inning he pitched except the 5th (including the bases loaded with only one out in the 3rd) but, he was able to escape without damage each time (ground ball to fly ball ratio ~ 10/1). Unfortunately, because his normally solid infield was not so tonight, he had to throw many more pitches than he should have. That said, the line for his line TENTH victory was still pretty lovely . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ NINE strikeouts

} Danny’s becoming known to some as “Lord Farquhar” but I like to think of him as the “two steps forward, one step back” kid  😉 as he is averaging TWO strikeouts and ONE earned run per appearance so far this season. The good news is he improved BOTH of those stats tonight – he struck out THREE and gave up ZERO runs in TWO complete innings. Good on ya, Danny!
} Ollie shaky again tonight, gave up a couple of runs but, since the bats had rekindled their fire, it was only garbage time.

~ The 2nd inning was really all they needed 😉
that happens when you score SIX runs on SEVEN hits including THREE doubles and a THREE-run homer (Nick)
~ A rather odd box score in that every Mariners starter had a hit except Raul (he walked once) and every Mariner that got a hit, got exactly ONE hit, except Dustin (who had THREE)
~ Kyle, Brad, Kendrys and Dustin all with doubles (Dustin had TWO)

* Unusually rough night in the field for the infielders ~ THREE errors (TWO by Kyle) and a couple other close ones.
* Good to see Ack with a super running catch (I’ll admit I was having a rough time seeing him there but, he seems to be slowly, steadily improving out there

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Mike Z left in the top of the 5th with what we would later find out was a wrist injury suffered in a game a couple of days ago. X-rays were negative and it doesn’t sound like anything serious (in fact, he said on the post game if it had been a close game, he’d have probably toughed it out). Henry came in an promptly hit an RBI double!

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looking forward to Happy Felix Day, tomorrow!