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Prior to the game there was a “closed door” meeting . . .
Eric Wedge wanted to stop by and lend his support to the team and show them that he was OK and on the mend.  Shannon’s report

“He came in and said hello to the boys,” said acting manager Robby Thompson minutes after the meeting. “He looks great. They saw him, he’s doing well. Walking good, talking, the whole thing. Big smile on his face. He’ll be back soon. He is doing really, really well.”

Thompson had spent a couple of hours with Wedge and his family Saturday night, and the two of them decided that a visit from the skipper would be good for the team.

“It was good for the guys to see that he is doing fine, and he’s not laying in bed and has other issues or what have you,” said Thompson. “He walked in, was as proud and strong and tall as Eric always is. It was good for the guys to see. Really good visit.”

The visit helps put any questions, doubts or worries the players might have out of their minds before they head to Boston and Baltimore. One person who was in the room said that Wedge was very animated in his conversations with individuals and that was great to see.

“Everyone could see that he is doing well, no worries before we left to go on the road trip. I thought it was great timing on his part,” said Thompson.

Now, to the rest of the good news for the day (which was sure to make Skip feel even better!)

Mariners 6 | Twins 4

Erasmo gave up his share of runs today but, was able to get through SIX (has to learn to be more efficient, as it took 106 pitches ) and earn the victory . . .
SIX innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Danny (just call him FarKKKKKuhar) . . .
posted an awesome TWO full innings, striking out the side 1-2-3 in the 7th and then picking up TWO more K’s in the 8th

} The Bartender’s back to closing time . . .
a lead-off hit was not problem (Hicks is fast) with those two crazy kids in the infield to turn an amazing DP on the next batter and then just a routine GB to Kendrys to end it and hand Tom his TWENTY-FOURTH save and Erasmo his SECOND win.

Only EIGHT hits today ~ but they made ’em count!
~ Brad and Nick combined to go FIVE for SEVEN with FOUR runs scored and FOUR rbi
~ Nick with TWO homers (see tweets of the game for some great stats!)
~ Michael with a homer (good to see him comin’ ’round – he’s got at least ONE hit in 15 out of 20 games he’s played in July)

SWEET Swing! | Elaine Thompson, AP

SWEET Swing! | Elaine Thompson, AP

* Endy with a couple of highlight catches in RF: one that went for a double but likely would have been outta the park if he hadn’t gotten a glove on it; another of the 3-run HR robbing variety

3-run home run robbery! \ Elaine Thompson

3-run home run robbery! \ Elaine Thompson

* Brad and Nick continue to impress up the middle, an amazing DP in the 9th . . .

tweets of the game . . .