g113 | turns out the first pitch was an omen for some pretty bad baseball . . .

It was a loss that was made even more exasperating due to the convergence of Jays fans upon Safeco Field. It’s one thing when there are a lot of opposing fans when the ball park is full to the brim (as used to be the case for all Yank and Red Sox games, for instance) but, when it’s barely over half capacity and MOST of the fans are wearing non-Mariner blue, it’s a bit disconcerting (OK, it’s down right annoying!). Anyhoo, I never leave early (seriously, I can count on about two fingers the last time I’ve EVER left any sporting event early) but, I guess I was just tired and grumpy and I knew I had to take the bus (as opposed to the link) and was more tied to a specific schedule so, I left during the 7th inning (as the Jays were scoring what would be their final run).  Hurumph!

Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 7

A not so happy Felix day as he lost for the first time in 12 starts (last loss – May 25th vs. TEX) . . .
he lost the perfect game, the no-hitter and the shutout all on that first pitch (apparently only the second lead-off homer that Felix had allowed in his career). I was still confident he could bounce back (plus, the reporters and announcers kept talking up how poorly the opposing pitcher (Josh Johnson) had been performing this season so, I wasn’t worried. Then came the flood of errors and things just sorta snowballed – Felix had allowed only FOUR unearned runs in his first 23 starts, THREE in the first FOUR innings tonight) . . .
FIVE innings ~ NINE hits ~ SIX runs ~ THREE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Carter (just called up prior to the game to take Tom’s place on the 25-man) didn’t do too bad – allowed ONE run and ONE walk but struck out TWO in his full TWO innings of work.
} Lucas hit a batter in the 9th but, faced the minimum in his TWO innings of work

They managed to only scatter EIGHT hits – including a Miller triple (accounted for both RBI) and a Morales double

THIS was the REAL problem. FOUR errors . . . b l e c h !!!
* Kyle muffed fielding TWICE and Brad and Raul each had throwing boo-boos. On a night when Felix doesn’t have his best stuff, that CAN’T happen. But, it did. And, they all payed for it 😦
* They also had TWO dp’s turned against them which didn’t help matters any.


tweets of the game . . .