g122 | Calgon (aka: Seahawks) take me away

OK. I admit it. My attention was mostly on the grid iron tonight, as the Seahawks played their first home pre-season game (beating the Denver Broncos quite soundly, I might add)

Mariners 3 | Rangers 15

Not a happy Felix day to say the least ~ especially the 2nd inning ~ FIVE’s nearly across the board in a BAD way . . .
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Believe it or not, the M’s were actually in this game until the 7th, having scored ONE run in each of the first THREE innings. And then a pretty improbable 6th . . . Luke loaded the bases (an error by Brendan, a single and a HBP) and Carter came in and was indeed impressive, retiring the side in order without giving up a run!

Ollie took over for Carter in the 7th with TWO on, TWO out and gave up a TWO-run double (of course, charged to Carter). And then things REALLY fell apart in the 8th when Ollie gave up TWO walks and FOUR singles before being relieved by Charlie who allowed a FC, a single, a runner via a second Brendan error and a double. All told, Ollie tagged with SIX earned runs, Charlie with TWO (ONE unearned). absolute YUCK

TEN hits usually good, right?
Especially with a couple of doubles (Brad and Raul) and a home run (Kyle) and THREE players with multiple hits.
Well, doesn’t do much good when pitching, catching and throwing is nearly non-existent 😦

* Brendan, having not played in forever, with TWO errors
* Dustin with his second SB of the season
* Kyle caught stealing


tweets of the game . . .