g132 | swept outta Safeco . . .

Witnessing, live and in-person, Felix’s worst start of the season (if not his career) was NOT exactly the best way to start off my little “mini-vaca” (several days off to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary) ;-(

Mariners 4 | Rangers 12

Felix has been less than “Felix-like” of late but, THIS was ridiculous . . .
no reports of injury, sure hoping he can come out of this funk.
THREE innings ~ NINE hits ~ EIGHT earned runs ~ NINE runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Brandon got some work in (FOUR innings, to be exact) unfortunately, he gave up THREE earned runs in the process.
} Lucas had a nice outing though, TWO full hitless/scoreless innings with THREE strikeouts

NINE hits (including homers from Kyle and Dustin) not TOO bad but, the 1 fer 7 w/RISP not good.

Kendrys continues to run himself off the bases . . .
he tried to take 2B with ONE out on a hit off the CF wall – Kyle (who had been on 1B made it to 3B but, was left stranded.

Henry committed a throwing error and Felix allowed TWO stolen bases in his THREE innings

tweets of the game . . .
At least something rather exciting is to come . . .
Taijuan Walker’s major league debut, Friday night in Houston!


OK – off to the beach we go to celebrate our 30th anniversary!