g134 | Taijuan & Abraham make their respective big league debuts

Mariners 7 | Astros 1


Taijuan Walker retired the first EIGHT batters he faced in “the bigs” (fly out, ground out, ground out, strikeout, pop-up, fly out, pop-up, ground out) in Houston, Texas and finished with a line of . . .
FIVE innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE run ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

to record his FIRST major league victory and these other “firsts” . . .

: first OUT, a fly out to CF by Robbie Grossman
: first STRIKEOUT to Jason Castro (in the 2nd)

: first BASE-RUNNER, a double in the 3rd (not at all well played by Raul in LF)
: first RUN allowed, of the UNearned variety, a RARE fielding error by Justin (should have been the third out)
: first walk to Bret Wallace in the 4th
: first “assist to himself” a nicely fielded bunt and a nice, calm throw to Justin at 1B for the out

} the bullpen, once again, quite impressive: Carter, Charlie and Ollie combined for FOUR innings of scoreless relief to preserve Taijuan’s first major league victory in his major league debut.

wow – Abraham can FLY!!
His first major league RBI came on what looked would be a routine DP but, he was safe on his super hustle. He collected his second RBI on his FIRST hit later in the game . . .

~ Nick and Henry had a rough night at the plate tonight but, everyone else contributed in one way or another.
~ Dustin was definitely the hitting star ~ FOUR hits (including a triple) with FOUR RBI and a RUN scored

Despite the rare error by Justin (and the NOT so rare mis-play by Raul) there was some pretty nifty DEE, including . . .
* the afore-mentioned play by Taijuan
* a definite web gem by Dustin on a running/sliding catch into the CF wall


tweets of the game . . .