g137 | of Felix milestones and struggles vs. lefties . . .

Mariners 1 | Royals 3

King Felix was looking a little more like King Felix . . . 
The Royals play small ball for sure – they managed to score THREE runs on NO extra base hits
6.2 innings ~ SIX hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

Congratulations to Felix on a MILESTOEN REACHED . . .
at least 200 strikeouts for FIVE straight seasons

} Ollie got in some good work ~ 1.1 scoreless innings with a couple of strikeouts

Gettin’ ’em on came a bit easier today . . .
it was just that pesky gettin’ ’em over and in that was the issue 😦  . . . . ONE for ELEVEN, to be exact
~ Brad and Kyle had FIVE of the SEVEN total hits (including a triple and double, respectively)
~ Abraham had his first major league double
~ Mike was 0-3 with a walk and a couple of strikeouts in his return from the DL
~ seems they need a remedy for left-handed pitching (M’s batting .228 vs. lefties)

Brad had a fielding error and Mike a throwing error (but, still great to have Mike back behind the plate)

tweets of the game . . .