g147 | lack of fundamentals sinks rooks and wastes Kuma’s gem

Mariners 1 | Cardinals 2 (in 10)

lead glove

Kuma tossed a gem (getting to that 200 inning milestone once again) but it was all for naught . . .
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

the bullpen was a mixed bag . . .
} Charlie allowed a run on a walk and a hit
} Yoervis was strong in his 1.1 w/ no hits or walks and ONE strikeout
} things really crumbled in the 10th when Chance came in, struck out the first two batters, then allowed a single. Ollie relieved him and walked TWO to load the bases and then the winning run scored on a passed ball 😦

~ TEN hits is good.
~ Only ONE run on only ONE extra base hit (Mike’s third homer), not so much.
They were still in line to take this game, despite the lack of offensive production – the defensive miscues really hurt.

* Nick misjudged a pop-up that ended up going for a TWO base error
* Brad made a bad throw to Kendrys that allowed the tying run to score
* Mike allowed a passed ball with the bases loaded in the 10th that allowed the winning run to score

tweets of the game . . .