seaHAWKS g3 | zig-zaggin’ the Jags

It’s a really good day when your team wins 45 – 17

It’s an even better day when every other team in the division loses – BIG
The Niners, the Rams and the Cards all only scored ONE touchdown each . . . .
Zona AND StL both lost by a score of 7 -31 ~ to the Saints and the Cowboys respectively ~ and SanFran lost 7-27 to Indy

Russell “only” threw for 202 yards but, that was in 2 1/2 quarters of work . . .
And, while he was sacked a couple of times and intercepted once, the FOUR touchdown passes (TWO each to Zack and Sidney) more than compensated 🙂


Nice to see that T-Jack can step right in and take over . . .
his outing yielded 129 yards a TD pass to Doug that won’t soon be forgotten.

Really great to have the luxury of getting the back ups (to the back ups, in some cases) in the game – without really skipping a beat. At some point this season, there will be injuries that will necessitate reaching to that treasured depth.



Also good to see some “clean up” occurring . . .


Jerry Brewer | Seattle Times

When some unintentional Jacksonville comedy resulted in a Seahawks interception in the final minute of the first half, Wilson sensed the moment. Only 44 seconds remained after a silly play in which Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne threw a pass that ricocheted off the helmet of his center, Brad Meester. Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner jumped over running back Maurice Jones-Drew, tipped the deflected pass to himself and made an incredible diving catch. The Seahawks took possession at their 21-yard line, and with a 17-0 lead, you figured they would be conservative and cruise into halftime.

Instead, Wilson told his team in the huddle: “This is really open for us right here. We have to capitalize right here. Let’s try to make something out of it.”

Five plays, 34 seconds and 79 yards later, Sidney Rice was celebrating in the end zone, the recipient of Wilson’s third touchdown pass of the half. The Seahawks led 24-0, and an offense on its way to a 479-yard performance had enjoyed its most explosive series of the season.

Yes, it was against Jacksonville.

No, it wasn’t any less impressive.

“I think it’s the most important thing we did today,” Wilson declared after a 45-17 victory Sunday before 68,087 at CenturyLink Field.

For the first time this season, the offense resembled its form during the second half of last season, when the Seahawks averaged 32.4 points in their final 10 games (counting the playoffs). They didn’t hurt themselves by committing an excessive amount of penalties (only four in this game), and they didn’t start slowly. The run game was dominant early and produced 156 rushing yards, and that allowed the Seahawks to make big plays passing downfield.


Larry Stone | Seattle TImes

The coach was fretting, of course, about a letdown against an impending opponent that didn’t carry nearly the same reputation as the 49ers (though if San Francisco doesn’t clean things up quickly, Carroll might find himself needing to give the same speech in December before the Seahawks head down to Candlestick Park).

“He let us know, man, we’ve got to treat this game just like we approached the 49er game,” Browner said. “Every ‘W’ is critical here in this league.”


Terry Blount |

Touchdowns for the twins: Tight end Zach Miller was beaming about what his two touchdown catches meant to him the day he brought twin baby daughters, Remi and Kaydence, on the field. “I got one for each of them,” Miller said. “I had them on the field before the game, so now I guess I have to bring them on the field before every game.”