seaHAWKS g4 | Houston, you have a problem . . .

and it’s name is . . . the Seattle Seahawks!!!
(well, and maybe, Matt Schaub 😉 )

Seahawks 23 | Texans 20

Another W on the ROAD in a 10AM (Pacific Time) start.

This one didn’t look good early . . .
Having to put up with the likes of JJ Watt is bad enough, the prospect of doing it with out 3/5 of the normal protection, it seemed like a  L  O  N  G  day for Russell (and, sure enough it was – since the Hawks forced OT late). That first half was pretty sad on OH and DEE. But then, wha la! Half time adjustments and taking advantage of Texans miscues led to a 2nd half in which the DEE not only did not allow a score but, the OH was able to TIE THE GAME. Key factors = Russell led a 98 yard TD (Lynch) drive  and Sherm came up with a PICK-6 . . .

It. Was. Awesome.


Scary moment when Michael Bennett was on the turf for way too long after taking a hard hit. He was carted off the field on a stretcher as his father looked helplessly on. Thankfully, he would return to the stadium, having sustained injuries much less severe that originally thought, to cheer his team on to victory . . .