seaHAWKS g5 | first loss lessons . . .

Seahawks 28 | Colts 34

Good News . .
most points scored ~ on the road ~ since Dec 16, 2012 vs. the Bills (in Toronto)

Bad News . . .
most points given up ~ overall ~ since Oct 30, 2011 vs. the Bengals (at home)

Granted, the lack of 3rd down conversions that led to scoring THREE instead of SEVEN was pretty frustrating but, all things considered (¬†especially the fact that Russell was still lacking 3/5 of his “normal protection”) the offense did enough to win. It was the DEE that was the biggest disappointment. Then again, Luck was pretty incredible. No doubt film lessons will be learned. Who knows though, how the momentum may have played a part had the safety been overturned for a touchdown . . . woulda, shoulda, coulda