seaHAWKS g7 | our circuitous route to the lovely rout . . .

Seahawks 34 | Cardinals 22

Thankfully, the game itself was a essentially a “rout” because the circumstances on my way to actually watching this game  was a “route” of a different sort ~ one of a comedy of errors 😉

I stayed downtown after work with the idea of watching the game with some fellow co-workers . . .

First – we got a late start getting out of the office. It was already many minutes into the 1st quarter by the time we got to the sports bar we’d planned to watch it at. There were no seats and no one was going to be leaving.

Plan B – one of our group actually lives nearby, so her husband came and picked us up and she ordered pizza over the phone on our way to their place.

Once in their condo, our only view was the lovely one of the Space Needle, as we discovered they didn’t have NFL Network (the Thursday Night Football channel). So – off we trudged to their neighborhood bar, which was pretty crowded inside but had some seating outside from which we were able to sort of peer into the windows to sort of see some of the action on the small TV’s

A call from the co-worker’s husband (who had stayed behind to receive the pizza) that he’d succeeded getting the game on the computer. Back to the condo we went – at least we’d be able to hear the game (and have the pizza and free alcohol!). So, back we went, just in time for halftime.

We all THOROUGHLY enjoyed watching the 2nd half – we had worked VERY hard to do it! The pizza and drinks were great and the outcome of the game was even better than we imagined it would be. It was all worth it 🙂

Russell had one of  his best (if not THE best) games so far this season, despite fumbling three times. Third down and Red Zone O were MUCH improved. The Hawks DEE was able to snare two interceptions and convert both to SEVEN points. Marshawn had his requisite 90+ yards and ONE touchdown.  John only had to punt THREE times. All ’round excellent victory (and ON THE ROAD vs a divisional opponent, no less)!