seaHAWKS g9 | coming from WAY behind

Seahawks 27 | Buccaneers 24 (in OT)

Largest come-from-behind win in Seahawks history!
Just seems to be how they roll lately . . . defying adversity

  • Last week was the first game the Hawks didn’t commit a turnover
  • This week was the first time they committed more than the opposition (3 – ZERO to be exact)

‘t was a “tale of two halves” . . .

  • 1st half = 21-7  Bucs
  • 2nd half = 20-3  Hawks

The good and the bad . . .

  • 8-12 on 3rd downs played a HUGE part in the win, as did Beast Mode getting back to it.
  • Giving up another 200 yards rushing remains more than a bit of a concern and, though RW wasn’t sacked, he got hit hard. A lot.