seaHAWKS g12 | tipsy, topsy, turvy

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Seahawks 34 | Saints 7

Two of the four touchdowns were of the “tipsy” variety . . .

  • The first came from the defense when Cliff Avril, in one smooth motion, stripped the ball from Drew Brees, tipping it to Michael Bennett who ran it into the end zone for his first career touchdown.
  • The second was a red zone play – Russell attempted a throw to Kellen Davis who -unfortunately- didn’t catch it but -fortunately- tipped it to Derrick Colman near the corner pylon and he caught it and stretched to keep it in bounds for the score.

Several sparkling plays and all-around solid performances led to victory keeping the Hawks “topsy” in the N F L . . .

  • Zach Miller huffed and he puffed and he  a  l  m  o  s  t  made it to the goal line after a 60 yard completion  (RW “let” him score on a 2-yard TD pass 3 plays later 🙂 )
  • Doug Baldwin also had a long reception (52 yarder) on a drive that ended in a score (though only a FG) and then late in the 2nd half, another long drive ended in a 4-yard TD hookup between RW and DB
  • Russell was particularly awesome (22/30 for 310 ~ 3 TD ~ zero INT) and threw to NINE different targets who averaged 14.1 Y/C (4 over 20 yrds, 3 over 30, 2 over 50) posting a 139.6 passer rating (second highest of his young career)
  • Marshawn had a sub-par night but, RW made up for him (rushing for 47 yards) 🙂

And then there was the vaunted Saints offense ~ “turvy” vs. the Hawks DEE . . .

  • Extra element of interest, as Russell has followed Drew Brees’ career with much interest and respect
  • RW’s team was able to hold Brees to his lowest passing yardage (146) since Dec 31, 2006 (vs. Carolina) and he was also 0-8 over 15 yards (only his second game since 2006)
  • Seahawks DEE held the Saints to their LOWEST yardage total (188) since January of 2002 (188 games!)
  • And then there was the good old ST ~ still have only given up 15 punt return yards all season


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