Seahawks Dreamland!

(apologies to Gilligan 😉 )

Just sit right back and enjoy a tale

A tale of a magical team

It started out in twenty-ten

With the Super Bowl as its dream

The coach was a positive energy force

The GM young and sly

53 men would tap “All In!”

And reach for the sky

Reach for the sky

Draft days came and draft days went

The roster began to gel

If not for the foresight of Pete and John

The program would not excel

The program would not excel

The wins, they began to pile up

With the Niners well in hand

With DangerRuss,

And BeastMode too,

Golden Tate

and Doug B,

Steven H  . . .

The Legion of Boom and Max,

Here in Seahawks Dreamland!

So this is the tale of our magical team

They’re here for a long, long time

No time to sleep and leave no doubt

It’s a championship ride

Paul and John and Pete and crew

Will do their very best

To keep their Seahawks soaring high

While grounded in the nest

No quit, all grit and confidence

And shoulder chips galore

They revel as the underdogs

And feed on the 12th man roar

So join us here each year dear twelves

Lend your voices across the land

resplendent in your blue green and gray

Here in Seahawks Dreamland!

mariner 12